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During my physics education at the University of Amsterdam I took part in many outreach events, most of them organised under the name Physics-Fair. The Physics-Fair is a long running project set up by Paul Vlaanderen, where physics students showcase physics experiments to the public during open days and workshops, and in some cases also in the form of a quiz. When Paul Vlaanderen retired, several students and I took over some of the organisational tasks of the Physics-Fair. Since then the Physics-Fair committee at the NSA is responsible for many tasks and is currently in the progress of creating new experiments to show during open days.

During my PhD I frequently helped with the open days of the university and public stargazing events where we showed the public around the telescope and did some stargazing with the big telescope and some smaller ones (when the typical English the weather allowed this). I also participated in the World Space Week in Guildford, where we demonstrated models of single star evolution using Window to the stars and binary star evolution using Hyperion

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Dr. David Hendriks
Dr. David Hendriks
Research Fellow Astrophysics

My research is on stellar astrophysics and the formation of compact objects, but I’m interested in many science related topics!